Yann Tiersen: ‘Pour Amélie’ Piano Music (Full Album) played by Jeroen van Veen

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The maestro of Minimalist piano music has done it again, with an album of gentle melodies and soothing sounds from Yann Tiersen, a composer best known outside his native France for the soundtrack to the movie Amélie. Dutch pianist, pioneer and champion of Minimalism Jeroen van Veen recorded Tiersen’s most popular melodies, playing the piano in his inimitable way: focussed, serene and hypnotising. Listen to the full album of Yann Tiersen: Pour Amélie – Piano Music now, perfectly suitable to relax or study.

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00:00:00 Comptine d`un autre été: l`après midi
00:02:42 Comptine d`été No.2
00:05:09 Comptine d`été No.3
00:07:40 Le vieux en veut encore
00:09:20 Toujours la
00:10:45 Comptine d`été No.1
00:13:07 La piece vide
00:15:02 La dispute
00:17:19 Sur le fil
00:22:34 Les jours heureux
00:24:54 chute
00:30:57 L`absente
00:34:17 Le retour
00:36:09 La valse d`Amélie
00:38:52 Le Moulin
00:42:32 Le matin
00:44:39 La plage
00:46:52 Les retrouvailles
00:49:13 La jetee
00:50:16 Tabarly
00:53:02 8 mmm
00:55:27 Point Zero
00:58:34 Summer 78
01:02:34 Coma
01:04:33 Childhood (1)
01:06:27 From Prison to Hospital
01:07:51 Mother
01:09:34 Watching Lara
01:11:26 Selling Dishes
01:12:17 First Rendez-Vous
01:13:50 The Decant Session
01:14:43 Lara’s Castle
01:16:45 The Deutsch Mark is Coming
01:18:01 I saw Daddy today
01:20:21 Birthday Preparations
01:22:07 Good Bye Lenin
01:27:37 Childhood (2)
01:30:21 Letters
01:31:53 Mother’s Journey
01:33:27 Preparations for the Last TV Fake
01:36:39 Mother Will Die
01:40:09 Father is Late
01:41:51 Father and Mother
01:45:20 Finding the Money
01:46:52 Summer 78

Jeroen van Veen (piano)

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