Yuletide Greetings From Rolf & Fionnuala

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Christmas and Winter Solstice Greetings to you all. This year has really flown, it seems only like a few months ago that we were last celebrating!! That wonderful time of year is upon us again!!

We hope that 2013 has been kind to you and that we all can look forward to great things in 2014.

After years of discussing the idea, we finally recorded a new CD unlike any of our previous releases. Some of our most memorable moments have been in concert when we just perform some duo songs inside the programme. It’s always a very special feeling to play these and its where we connect the most. So for years we have wanted to bring that to a full recording and invite you the listener into our musical room to overhear our conversation between violin and piano. So the new CD is called “JUST THE TWO Of US” and we are so excited as only today it arrived from the manufacturing plant in Hanover and we held the finished product for the first time!

So, in 2014 we are looking forward to sending our new “baby” out to you and hope it will be well received in this very challenging time – where it’s harder and harder to find outlets for music like ours!

We began the work on this album last January and worked until the end of October to the final recording process. It’s been the most challenging and rewarding production to record to date (our 8th)!! So fingers and toes crossed that you will all enjoy it.

So far release plans are to release in Norway on December 27th and then rolling out to other territories over the New Year.

For the first time since 1995, we will be releasing in Germany (in March/April) and hopefully that will lead also to other European countries, the Americas, Oceania and Asia.

Will of course keep you all posted via web and Facebook as to release dates.

Apart from the album production, which was very intense, we enjoyed some really lovely concerts this year. Touring Korea in August was a real highlight, as well as the stunning backdrop of Lindesnes lighthouse for a wild outdoor concert in southern Norway.
It was also a privilege and eye opener to perform that concert as a benefit for [Mercy Ships](http://www.mercyships.org/) in November. The work that they do is amazing and our concert raised enough money to restore vision to 700 blind people in the next year. The doctors and nurses that work on those ships are true angels and deserve all our support.

We hope that it will be possible to see more of you in 2014 with concerts and promotion of the new CD.

Meanwhile, we wish you and your loved ones a very Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season and New Year and we thank you all so much for the wonderful support you have given us this past year.

Fionnuala & Rolf

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